Russian, Tier VIII Medium Tank

This icon was a supertest leak.

Being rear turreted, very low slung, and having a high speed it plays somewhat like the ELC AMX, as a drive-by killer. Its gun has a good penetration value for its tier, however its armour is relatively poor.

Leads From:

  • A-44

Leads To:

  • T-54


The purpose of this development work consisted in creation of a radically new design with ensuring the maximum possible protection for the crew while imposing vehicle weight limits.

All the crewmen were positioned in the turret where they could be better protected, with the power pack and

transmission being placed at the front of the hull.

A prototype vehicle was built and tested.

Although initially the design seemed to show some promise, difficulties of ensuring simultaneous vehicle steering and firing led to its not being pursued, and development work on this ceased.


Year of manufacture 1951
Weight 24 t
Crew 4
Overall dimensions:
-length 7,940 mm
-width 3,240 mm
- height 1,823 mm
- main gun calibre 100 mm
- coaxial machine gun calibre 7.62 mm
Armour protection 20 to 110 mm
Engine capacity 400 hp
Maximum road speed 50 km/h